Have you been thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare? Are you looking for a place to start? CNA training can be your ticket in. While becoming a doctor can require years of training and hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are other options that put a a healthcare career within reach, including the role of certified nursing assistant. Interested? Keep reading to learn where CNA training can take you, and register for classes with Pasco Medical Training today!


Benefits of CNA Training

As a certified nursing assistant, you would be a critical part of any healthcare team. You provide direct patient care, assist with everyday tasks like bathing, grooming, and housekeeping, and you provide important insight into the patient’s condition and communicate any concerns they may have to other members of their healthcare team. It’s not hard to see why experience as a CNA would be a big boost to any aspirations you may have of advancing your career in healthcare.

One of the greatest advantages of CNA classes is that you can join straight out of high school. You only have to be 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED! It’s the easiest way to enter the healthcare industry and begin your career, and it allows you to experience a wide variety of settings and duties. The demand for CNAs is high, the certification program at Pasco Medical Training is quick and affordable, and you’ll gain experience and important clinical training that can help you level up to another position.

Jumpstart Your Healthcare Career

As a CNA, you have a direct impact on patient’s lives, and many find the work incredibly meaningful. If you’re happy to continue work as a CNA, congratulations! The Pasco Medical Training team is thrilled to have helped you connect with a fulfilling career. However, if you find that there some aspects of the job that you love and some that you would rather move away from, then CNA training and experience can help you find a position that best fits you.

As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll not only gain an important certification many hospitals are looking for, but you’ll also have the chance to gain critical clinical experience that can give you an advantage when applying to more advanced degree or certification programs. You’ll also be able to network and build connections within the healthcare community as you work. Once you have become a valuable member of a healthcare team, your place of employment may pay for you to pursue further education and certification. Becoming a CNA can be the perfect stepping stone to the career you’ve been waiting for!

Advanced CNA

If you love working directly with patients and their healthcare teams, and you enjoy the variety that comes with every day as a CNA, then you may want to pursue becoming an advanced CNA! You won’t have to give up the aspects of your current job that you love, but you may be able to take on more technical responsibilities and gain a higher job title, which can lead to higher pay. There are a lot of options for specializing as a certified nursing assistant, from surgery and geriatric care to taking on the role of a psychiatric or radiology aide.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

If you want to take on more training so you can offer more in-depth care to patients, then becoming an LPN – or a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) – may be your next step! LPNs still provide direct patient care, but they work directly under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians and can administer medication and provide more technical assistance thanks to their advanced training.

The requirements for becoming an LPN are similar to the requirements for a CNA — you need a high school diploma or GED. That makes it a more immediately accessible position compared to that of a registered nurse, but LPN training is more advanced than that of a CNA.

Taking your training one step at a time can be the key to your success. There are many programs out there that offer CNA to LPN bridge programs, and you may be able to apply some of the credits you earned in your CNA classes to your LPN program.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Becoming a registered nurse can be a big step up from being a CNA or LPN. For one, the educational requirements become much higher. You can start with a Associate Degree in Nursing, but many would recommend receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and many nursing programs require a CNA license – if not actual experience as a CNA – for admission.

As a registered nurse, you have more authority and responsibility for a patient’s care. You would have the opportunity to directly supervise LPNs and CNAs on your team, and you would be able to exert more control over where you work and what kind of patient population you work with.

Working as a CNA first can greatly improve your chances of moving into the role of a registered nurse. Nursing programs place a high premium on experience in the field, and a CNA certification and position is a great way to demonstrate that. You may also receive some credit for coursework already completed.


Want to help people in a different way? As you move forward in your career, you may have the opportunity to work in the healthcare system without directly working with patients. An administrative role would allow you to continue making important contributions while taking on more responsibility.

Working in healthcare administration typically requires at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you begin your career as a CNA, then you will not only gain important experience at every level of the healthcare system, but you also open up the possibility that your employer may pay for further education to help you eventually achieve the accreditation you need to become an administrator. If you recently received your high school diploma or GED, becoming an administrator may seem like a stretch, but you can reach new career heights by simply moving forward step by step.

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