Healthcare professionals are important in the lives of everyone, but one of the most important roles within every team is that of a certified nursing assistant. CNAs make a lot of important contributions and offer support for both medical staff and patients. There are a lot of CNA job openings across the country, and the high demand is easy to explain: certified nursing assistants are essential to every healthcare team. In today’s blog, we’re recognizing the importance of CNAs by discussing the amazing work they do every day. If you are inspired to start your own career, contact Pasco Medical Training today to sign up for our CNA classes!

Meaningful Patient Care

Statistics report that CNAs provide about nine out of every 10 hours of direct patient care. They are on the frontlines of healthcare, helping keep quality of life as high as possible for every patient. In many cases, CNAs are taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves, whether those people are patients in long-term senior care centers or severely injured patients in recovery.

CNAs make a big difference in the lives of patients in everything they do. In many cases, it’s small and unrewarding actions like completing housework for a patient or helping them with everyday tasks like bathing. A CNA also helps improve a patient’s day with therapeutic techniques like massage or by simply making conversation and telling jokes. These seemingly small contributions can make an immeasurable difference in the patient’s attitude, outlook, and recovery.

Patient Advocacy

A key role that CNAs play is acting as a liaison between the patient and their healthcare team. They spend a lot of time in direct contact with the patient, listening to their concerns and taking notes, and then representing the patient in conversations about their medical care. In some cases, the patient may have lost physical, cognitive, or verbal capabilities that can make it hard for them to advocate for themselves. A CNA uses their relationship with the patient, their understanding of them, and their own observations to make sure that the patient’s needs are appropriately met.

Family Support

Working in close contact with a patient often means being in close contact with their family as well. Accidents or other medical concerns can take their toll on those close to the patient, and a certified nursing assistant can provide emotional support as well as information. They can help the family stay calm, and make them feel informed and involved throughout the treatment and recovery process.


If you are considering a career as a certified nursing assistant, one thing you are likely to hear is that no two days in the life of a CNA are the same. There is a lot of variety in the conditions and type of patients a CNA will treat, and the people in those roles are prized for their ability to adapt and contribute. We also want to take the time to recognize CNAs for their willingness to step up in stressful or unusual situations and put the patient’s needs first.

Medical Staff Support

Last but not least, CNAs also make an important contribution by supporting other members of a patient’s healthcare team. They are an integral part of any medical staff. Not only does a CNA communicate with other health professionals and with the patient, but they also take care of a lot of important procedures during the treatment process. Highly trained CNAs may assist in procedures like blood draws, but all certified nursing assistants provide important medical care like attending to the patient’s needs every day or every few hours. They take care of small but essential tasks like taking the patient’s vital signs, making them an inseparable component of a medical team.

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