If you are looking for a meaningful career that allows you to help people, it’s hard to go wrong with a medical career. The question remains, however: where do you start? If almost a decade of school to become a doctor doesn’t sound like your calling, don’t worry, there are many other ways to join the medical field! Becoming an electrocardiograph (EKG) technician is one path forward, and with Pasco Medical Training, you can pursue your certification with confidence. Learn how becoming a certified EKG technician can help you pursue your ambitions, and register with Pasco Medical Training today!

Benefits of EKG Technician Training

There are many advantages to becoming a certified EKG technician. For one, you can jumpstart your medical career in less than a year! Many employers let you train on the job and you can take advantage of a starting wage around $12-15 an hour.

Being an EKG technician not only gives you the opportunity to learn a number of useful skills, but you also get to enjoy a dynamic work environment and interactions with patients from many different backgrounds. Because of an aging population and the continued proliferation of heart disease, there are many job opportunities for certified EKG technicians, and the demand continues to grow.

Begin Your Medical Career

If you want to climb the ladder and pursue more challenging and higher paying medical professions, then becoming an EKG technician is a solid start. You will learn many important skills and interact with a variety of other medical professions. Continue reading to learn what you can work toward and how Pasco Medical Training can help!

Advanced EKG Technician

If you enjoy your work as an EKG tech and you don’t want to change fields, then working toward becoming an advanced EKG technician could be a great way to expand your knowledge and boost your paycheck. To secure this position, you’ll need to train for more extensive responsibilities, including duties such as administering drugs or performing stress tests or Holter monitoring. You can also combine your experience as an EKG technician with several other certifications, including:

Medical Assistant (MA)

One career option that is open to you – particularly if you plan to add further certifications to your position as an EKG technician – is that of medical assistant (MA). A medical assistant works more directly with patients than an EKG technician and takes on administrative duties. An MA’s responsibilities often include:

  • Assisting during exams
  • Collecting specimens for laboratory testing
  • Preparing medications and patient records

A phlebotomy certification would be especially helpful to add if you plan to become a medical assistant. Explore phlebotomy classes alongside your EKG technician certification with Pasco Medical Training!

Cardiovascular Technologist

If a fascination with the heart drew you to electrocardiography, then you may be interested in delving deeper into the field of cardiology! As a cardiovascular technologist, you could pursue three specialties: invasive cardiology, cardiac sonography, or vascular sonography. The job of a cardiovascular technologist can include:

  • Catheterization lab
  • Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart)
  • Ultrasound of the arteries and veins

Aside from specialized training and instruction, many healthcare centers ask their cardiovascular technologists to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT)

Similar to a phlebotomist, as an EKG technician, you have the opportunity to pursue a career as a medical laboratory technician. You can also become a medical laboratory technologist! While the acronym is the same and the titles don’t sound all that different, a technologist has a few additional responsibilities. Not only does a technologist perform the duties of a technician such as collecting and processing specimens, but also:

  • Performs complex tests to assist in diagnoses and treatment plans
  • Executes high-level analyses of collected samples
  • Evaluates and interprets test results
  • Conducts research and develops new methods

Medical laboratory technologists are expected to have more extensive training than technicians, and therefore may be expected to have a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science rather than an associate’s. MLTs can also specialize in areas such as immunology and microbiology.

Pursue Your Ambitions With Pasco Medical Training

No matter where you want to take your medical career, Pasco Medical Training can help you get started. We offer a number of exam preparation courses and diploma programs, including not only EKG technician training, but also CNA, phlebotomy, and BLS certification courses. Explore all we have to offer, and sign up for your spot here on our site to get started!