Are you dreaming of a career in medicine? Are you looking for a simple and fast way to start helping people? Consider becoming certified as an EKG technician! Certified EKG technicians, or CETs, are an important part of any healthcare team when it comes to keeping the hearts of their patients healthy, and you can start working as an EKG tech in under a year! Read on to learn if becoming a CET is the right step for you, and sign up for your certification preparation course with Pasco Medical Training today!

An Introduction to Electrocardiography

The main job of an electrocardiograph (EKG) technician is running electrocardiograph tests. These tests measure the electrical activity of a patient’s heart through small electrodes and record that activity on a graph. An EKG test measures how fast a patient’s heart is beating, the rhythm of their heartbeat, and the strength and timing of electrical impulses throughout each part of the heart.

The graphed results of an EKG test offer important insight into the health of a patient’s heart. Electrocardiography is all but essential for studying heart problems like heart attacks, arrhythmia, irregular heartbeat, and heart failure, and it is a routine part of screening for heart disease.

Execute EKG Testing

Certified EKG techs work directly with patients as they administer EKG tests. Your role as a CET would include explaining the procedure to the patient and asking them questions about their medical history and any medications that may interfere with the test results.

You are also responsible for setting up the equipment as necessary. This will mean helping the patient lie still on the table and placing up to 12 electrodes on their chest, arms, and legs. Throughout the test, it’s important to keep the patient calm so the electrocardiography results are as accurate as possible. Many routine EKG tests take place during a patient’s office visit, but you also may be asked to monitor a patient’s EKG activity during a medical procedure or surgery.

Analyze Data

An EKG test will create a graphed representation of the patient’s cardiovascular activity. As an EKG tech, part of your job will include editing this data depending on what the patient’s doctor wants to look at, highlighting any anomalies or areas of concern you find, and presenting the data to the presiding physician for interpretation.

As you gain more experience, you may be expected to do more of the analysis and interpretation yourself. Starting out, you are more likely to be asked to transcribe the lead physician’s interpretations.

Stress Testing and Holter Monitoring

Further responsibilities, such as managing stress tests and Holter monitoring, will depend on your certification and training as an EKG tech. Often these tasks are left for more advanced EKG technicians.

A stress test involves an EKG test administered while the patient uses a treadmill rather than while they lie down. You will be tasked with explaining the procedure and its purpose to the patient and setting up the EKG test. Because the patient will be moving, you will have to take extra care that the electrodes, wiring, and machinery are secure. It is also your responsibility to ensure the patient utilizes the treadmill safely and doesn’t injure themselves during the test.

Another task you may be responsible for is Holter monitoring. A Holter monitor is a small, wearable device that tracks a patient’s heart activity, and it is often employed to monitor their heart function for a time period of routine activity beyond what an ordinary EKG test or stress test could record. As a certified EKG technician, it may be part of your role to set up Holter monitors for patients, explain how they work, and handle the data they record.

Assist With Administrative Work

Record keeping is an important part of any healthcare clinic’s success, and as an EKG tech, you will be expected to do your part to keep a patient’s records updated and accurate. Aside from writing notes on the lead physician’s interpretation of any electrocardiography data, you will likely also be tasked with checking and updating the patient’s medical records in your clinic’s digital or paper file system. You may also be tasked with everyday support tasks such as scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, and answering phones.

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