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  1. What Does an EKG Technician Do?

    Are you dreaming of a career in medicine? Are you looking for a simple and fast way to start helping people? Consider becoming certified as an EKG technician! Certified EKG technicians, or CETs, are an important part of any healthcare team when it comes to keeping the hearts of their patients health…Read More

  2. Start a Career With EKG Technician Training

    If you are looking for a meaningful career that allows you to help people, it’s hard to go wrong with a medical career. The question remains, however: where do you start? If almost a decade of school to become a doctor doesn’t sound like your calling, don’t worry, there are many other ways to …Read More

  3. What Is BLS Certification?

    Any medical career at any level requires a number of certifications and training courses. One of the most basic is the BLS certification, but for those who are just starting their medical training, they may not realize what BLS training is or why you need it. Continue reading this blog to learn more…Read More

  4. Start a Career With Phlebotomy Training

    If you have always wanted to help people and keep them healthy, then a medical career is the way to go. You have many options and specialties to choose from, and many ways to care for patients that don’t require the years and expense of getting a medical degree. One of the most accessible healthca…Read More

  5. What Does a Phlebotomy Technician Do?

    If you have been considering a healthcare career, but you are daunted by the extensive education and certifications required of most positions, then it may be time to consider working as a phlebotomy technician. This position is essential to patient care, and with a phlebotomy training course from P…Read More

  6. Career Spotlight — Phlebotomist

    Here at Pasco Medical Training, we offer students a wide variety of courses that combine the detailed classroom instruction and hands-on experience that is necessary to begin a successful medical career. Every now and then, we like to highlight one of the possible career paths that we can help you p…Read More

  7. Are You Thinking About Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician?

    A career in the medical field can be incredibly rewarding, and job opportunities in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities are increasing every day. Certified phlebotomy technicians (CPT) boast a wide range of skills that can be useful to a variety of medical providers. If you h…Read More

  8. Beyond Medical Classes — Average Salaries of Healthcare Workers

    Being a healthcare worker is one of the most rewarding occupations out there. Employees in the medical field care for and help individuals achieve optimal wellness, and they also contribute to the overall well-being of their community. If you have been considering whether the healthcare industry is …Read More

  9. Signs of a Quality Medical Training Program

    Now that you have decided that you want to pursue a career in the exciting field of healthcare, your next step is to find a medical training program that can help you get the certification and hands-on experience you need to get started. A quick search online will likely return many results, and you…Read More

  10. Where Can a Phlebotomy Tech Work?

    One of the most important questions that fresh medical training graduates have is where they can obtain gainful employment with their new set of skills. In particular, phlebotomy training grads may not be aware of the various types of medical providers and facilities that are in need of a phlebotomi…Read More