If you have dreamed of pursuing a meaningful healthcare career, working to treat patients with expert care and compassion, then the role of patient care technician (PCT) may be for you. PCTs work closely with patients, not only assisting in their medical treatment, but also helping them through the process and offering support when everyday tasks become difficult. Pasco Medical Training is here to help you take the next step in achieving your dreams of becoming a patient care technician with industry-leading training programs designed to give you the experience, skill, and education you need to succeed. Explore our blog to learn more about becoming a PCT and contact Pasco Medical Training today to get started!

  1. Where Can a Patient Care Technician Work?

    If you are thinking about becoming a patient care technician (PCT) and are looking for local PCT programs, or you are getting close to completing your training, then you may be wondering where you can work once you are out of school. One of the best parts about becoming a PCT is the many options you…Read More

  2. Five Qualities of Great Patient Care Techs

    If you have had some type of extensive medical care yourself, then you know that not all patient care technicians (PCTs) are created equally. Some treat their role as an obligation that they can’t wait to be done with, while others seem to thoroughly enjoy what they do. Of course, the way in which…Read More

  3. Benefits of Hands-On Medical Training Courses

    It seems that almost any task can be completed virtually in today’s fast-paced world. From buying groceries and clothing to adjusting your thermostat, technology has enhanced our lives in many ways and made some tasks more convenient than ever. However, when it comes to learning the skills needed …Read More

  4. Thinking About Becoming a Patient Care Technician?

    Are you someone who loved playing “doctor” when you were little, bandaging up your stuffed animals, friends, and pets? For many people, the dream of having a healthcare career starts at a very young age. That dream often matures into a lifelong career goal, and many people who choose to join the…Read More