As Florida’s leading medical training facility with the highest pass and success rate, Pasco Medical Training in New Port Richey is proud to offer a variety of healthcare certification programs, including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training! Designed to help you successfully complete your courses in as little time as possible, each program ensures success by teaching both fundamental and enhanced skills. With hands-on training, each course delivers superior instruction by focusing on those job skills that are necessary for success.

What is a CNA?

Working in almost every aspect of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, senior care, rehab centers, community clinics, home health, and private doctor’s offices, CNAs are imperative to the smooth operation of any healthcare provider. Providing basic care to patients while assisting with daily activities, CNAs act much like a mediator, consistently engaging with the same patients in certain facilities.

CNA Training with Pasco Medical Training

Teaching you the specific clinical skills needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of a CNA, the courses at Pasco Medical Training were specifically structured to include both theoretical practices and hands-on training, allowing students to engage and perform a number of clinical procedures while understanding the medical background of each. Covering a wide variety of medical duties, a certification in nursing assistance allows you to find opportunities in a number of medical facilities.

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