Are you looking to start a new career as a Medication Technician? Pasco Medical Training provides a four-hour Med Tech certification course! It is our mission, as an accredited medical education institution, to ensure that each of our Medication Technician trainees are comprehensively trained in the techniques and procedures performed by Med Techs in the field.

What is a Med Tech?

Med Techs are tasked with the responsibility of assisting with prescription medications in assisted living facilities and in-home care situations. Following prescription requirements and adhering to government and facility regulations, Med Techs are held to high standards and must prove a keen sense of focus, precision, and understanding of patient care and medicine dosages.

Med Tech Training with Pasco Medical Training

Providing you with the skills and knowledge expected of a professional Medical Technician, our four-hour course is open to unlicensed students who are interested in entering the healthcare field. No CNA license is required to participate in Med Tech training, which is designed to enhance your career by preparing students to work in assisted living facilities or as home health care companions.

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